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White iPhone 4 Slightly Thicker Than Black iPhone 4 !

Earlier today, a MacRumors reader notified us that the white iPhone 4 is ever so slightly thicker than the black iPhone 4. It’s a small difference, but enough that the white iPhone 4 wouldn’t fit in his Incase slider case:

Just picked up the white iPhone 4 and realized it doesn’t fit into my Incase slider case. It appears that Apple has increased the size of the plastic that borders the glass on both sides by about 1mm.

Ryan Cash of Marketcircle discovered the same and noticed it just by picking it up.

A colleague of mine just picked up a 16 GB iPhone 4 in white. I was a bit surprised when I picked it up off his desk (I had my black 32 GB in my other hand at the same time) – it immediately felt thicker.

Cash offers some comparison photos (one embedded above) between the white and black iPhone 4 showing the slight difference. The small difference may be enough to affect tight fitting slider cases as evidenced by our reader’s experience.


Saurik Shows Why You Should Jailbreak Your iPhone [Video]

One of the most common questions asked of people in the iOS jailbreak community is a simple one: why should I jailbreak my device? It’s a hard one to answer – some like the powerful tools, others just want to customize their home screen. Head of all things Geek Robert Scobledecided to ask this very same question of the guy behind the jailbreak App Store Cydia, Jay Freeman and filmed the answers.

What it boils down to is customization and tools. Freeman shows off a couple of tweaks such as a Twitter app that is activated by swiping down from the iPhone’s status bar (qTweeter) and a way to quickly access settings using a similar gesture (SBSettings).Whether these kinds of additions to the iOS world are enough to warrant any possible instabilities as well as the inevitable wait for a new jailbreak every time a new version of iOS comes out very much depends on the user, but the act of jailbreaking is as easy as ever these days and a restore is just a click away should you not like the experience.

Why Launching The White iPhone 4 Now Isn’t A Bad Idea – [OPINION]

The launch of the White iPhone 4 has been met with many a critic highlighting the fact that the device is a year late – and sure, it is. But many of these critics have also implied that Apple probably shouldn’t have bothered releasing the device.

It is pretty clear at this point that Apple considers the iPhone 4 a marvel in both design and functionality. Taking that into account, if rumors about the next-generation iPhone launching in September are true, the White iPhone could be considered Apple’s middle-cycle boost to keep people interested in buying the iPhone 4 for a few months longer.

Don’t forget, in February Apple outed the iPhone on Verizon featuring a completely new, CDMA compatible antenna. This boost in spec, although only available on U.S carrier Verizon, was essentially a “new” iPhone, further suggesting Apple has no intention of unveiling a new iPhone at WWDC this June.

Apple appears fickle, at times, but it isn’t. And despite the staggering miscalculation that led to a nearly year-long delay to produce the white iPhone in sufficient quantities to move hundreds of thousands, if not millions of units, Apple exercises remarkable precision when it comes to the planning and execution of supply chains and product launches. Whatever led to the delay of the white iPhone 4 was a mistake (or series of them). Launching it now isn’t.

White iPhone 4 Buyers Think It Makes Them Look Younger, More Attractive To Women

In our last post announcing the availability of the white iPhone 4 on Apple’s web site, we asked who would buy a new iPhone on a two year contract ten months into the lifecycle of the current model.

Hey, why not ask the people in this huge line for the iPhone 4 outside of the Beijing Apple Store?

“New things are always fashionable.” said 19-year old high school student Chen Zhi. “I think girls always like products that are white in color.”

Berry Li, a 22-year old of indeterminate profession, agrees: ““White is brighter. The color makes you feel young.”

In other words: to pick up girls and to fight off the hideous ravages of time. Why will you be buying a white iPhone 4? Give us your examples of magical thinking in the comments!

Developers Receive Crash Reports From a Device Running iOS 5

While we haven’t seen a major iOS update in almost a year, there is light at the end of the tunnel. Apple has announced that it will be introducing the world to iOS 5 in June.

Their exact words were, “Join us for a preview of the future of iOS and Mac OS X.” This leads us to believe that the software won’t be available exactly at that time. So, how long are we going to have to wait for the next major firmware release?

FutureTap, the company behind popular Where To? travel app, tweeted today that they received their first iOS 5.0 crash report. “MKUserLocationBreadCrumb” was the API that faltered, and I have to agree with the developers, it sounds interesting.

Several mobile and built-in navigation systems feature some type of breadcrumb option. This allows users to see a visual trail of where they have been recently, which can be useful for several reasons (see The Hangover).

There has certainly been a lot of speculation regarding Apple giving its Maps application a serious makeover. Not to mention all of the media attention they have gotten over user location data in the past few weeks.

Developers receiving notice that Apple is testing the new iOS software is a good sign. Hopefully Apple starts to seed the new OS to developers in the next few months, so we can start dissecting it for new features.

With a lot of rumors suggesting that the next iPhone won’t feature a major hardware redesign, Apple certainly has their work cut out for them with iOS 5 if they want to impress the masses.

What if the next operating system only runs on dual core processors? Maybe that’s their plan to get everyone to upgrade. Hopefully we’ll know a lot more in June.

What do you think?

limera1n Exploit Doesn’t Patched On White iPhone 4

iH8sn0w, the developer behind sn0wbreeze jailbreak has just discovered some interesting news, he just confirmed that white iPhone 4 still exploitable with Limera1n exploit which found by Geohot last year.

Limera1n exploit used on all currrent jailbreak tools (Limera1nRedsn0wPwnageTool & Greenpois0n) to jailbreak iOS devices running iOS 4.1 upto iOS 4.3.2. For who don’t know, Limera1n is hardware exploit, so that all hackers expected to see it patched in the newly white iPhone 4. Thanks Apple for didn’t patching Limera1n exploit.

Conclusion, jailbreak white iPhone 4 is easy to developed with the current jailbreak tools, so releasing looks imminint 😉 . Stay tuned.

White iPhone 4 Fixed Antenna Issues & Proximity Sensor

The guys over iSpazio have made a usful videos regarding white iPhone 4 to test out a few of the areas of concern users have had with the black iPhone 4 devices, they tested
both the proximity sensor performance and signal loss caused by “death grip” in black devices.

White Phone 4 exhibits excellent proximity sensor performance:

the white iPhone 4 exhibits excellent proximity sensor performance, responding immediately to turn off the device’s display when covered but then also keeping the display off until a finger or head is a “relatively large distance” away. The black iPhone 4s initially exhibited problems with displays coming back on while on phone calls, resulting in unintentional touch input. The issue was largely fixed in an iOS update, but it is reassuring to see that the white models exhibit solid performance from the get-go.

White iPhone 4 singal has been improved compared with black iPhone 4 :

iSpazio also tested the “death grip”, attempting to generate signal loss by covering portions of the stainless steel band that serves as the antenna for the device. As with black iPhone 4s equipped with iOS versions released since Apple addressed early issues, the white iPhone 4 exhibits a slight drop in signal strength, but the drop does not appear to have a significant effect on connectivity.

Finally I have to say it looking that white iPhone 4 doing well than black iPhone 4, may be Apple has changed the material used in black devices. Thanks Apple