White iPhone 4 Buyers Think It Makes Them Look Younger, More Attractive To Women

In our last post announcing the availability of the white iPhone 4 on Apple’s web site, we asked who would buy a new iPhone on a two year contract ten months into the lifecycle of the current model.

Hey, why not ask the people in this huge line for the iPhone 4 outside of the Beijing Apple Store?

“New things are always fashionable.” said 19-year old high school student Chen Zhi. “I think girls always like products that are white in color.”

Berry Li, a 22-year old of indeterminate profession, agrees: ““White is brighter. The color makes you feel young.”

In other words: to pick up girls and to fight off the hideous ravages of time. Why will you be buying a white iPhone 4? Give us your examples of magical thinking in the comments!


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