Why Launching The White iPhone 4 Now Isn’t A Bad Idea – [OPINION]

The launch of the White iPhone 4 has been met with many a critic highlighting the fact that the device is a year late – and sure, it is. But many of these critics have also implied that Apple probably shouldn’t have bothered releasing the device.

It is pretty clear at this point that Apple considers the iPhone 4 a marvel in both design and functionality. Taking that into account, if rumors about the next-generation iPhone launching in September are true, the White iPhone could be considered Apple’s middle-cycle boost to keep people interested in buying the iPhone 4 for a few months longer.

Don’t forget, in February Apple outed the iPhone on Verizon featuring a completely new, CDMA compatible antenna. This boost in spec, although only available on U.S carrier Verizon, was essentially a “new” iPhone, further suggesting Apple has no intention of unveiling a new iPhone at WWDC this June.

Apple appears fickle, at times, but it isn’t. And despite the staggering miscalculation that led to a nearly year-long delay to produce the white iPhone in sufficient quantities to move hundreds of thousands, if not millions of units, Apple exercises remarkable precision when it comes to the planning and execution of supply chains and product launches. Whatever led to the delay of the white iPhone 4 was a mistake (or series of them). Launching it now isn’t.


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