Apple Testing T-Mobile USA iPhone 4 with A5 Chip, Might Be iPhone 4S

BGR has nabbed a bunch of photos of a purported white T-Mobile USA iPhone 4 test unit. The phone looks virtually identical to the current iPhone 4 and runs a version of iOS 4. You can tell that it’s a test unit by the several field-testing settings and applications on the device.

The device is obviously a prototype unit, not a production model, and that is evidenced by the prototype markings on the back of the device. There is no information on a release time frame or if Apple is going to release this thing to customers at all, but be sure to check out all 26 photos in the gallery.

BGR’s T-Mobile iPhone prototype leak from earlier today is not simply an iPhone 4 packed with guts that support the T-Mobile 3G network radios, but it also carries the A5 processor from the next-generation iPhone.

The ‘N94′ prototype build (above) is the exact iPhone build that we found carries an A5 or ‘S5L8940′ processor a few months ago.

…and the iPhone 5 (N94AP), has the same S5L8940 processor as the iPad.

That makes last week’s story pretty convenient…

Remember that ‘iPhone 4S’ we told you about? That’s the prototype iPhone with an A5 processor that game developers are using to prepare their iPhone 5 apps. That sounds a lot like this phone.

The only question now is if that is a prototype ’4S’ or ’5′.


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