White iPhone 4 shows up in Verizon’s inventory

It’s real this time. After several false hopes along the way, Apple will finally
release the white iPhone 4 very soon. We’ve been expecting an AT&T version
since summer 2010 and reports of a Verizon version of the white model being in
the works emerged earlier this week. Now, we have confirmation of this: Verizon
is set to launch both 16 GB and 32 GB white iPhone 4 models and the devices have
already popped up in Verizon’s internal inventory database. Apple has confirmed
over and over again that the white iPhone 4 will come this spring (which is from
now until early June) and independent reports claim that we’ll be seeing the
white iPhone by the end of April.

models popped up in the inventory today, leading us to believe the late April
launch information is true. The screenshot (32 GB) above and the screenshot (16
GB) after the break do not specifically state the new models are white but based
on the numbering system and information from sources the models are for the
white iPhone 4. As you can see in the screenshots, the white version of the
iPhone 4 carriers a number sequence that is one larger than the black model. The
white iPhone 4 is MC679 and the black model is MC678. Same thing with the black
and white iPad 2s. So, anyone still holding out for the white version?


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