Apple releasing the white iPhone 4 by end of April?

For those if us who are still dreaming of owning a white iPhone 4, it looks like our dream might finally become reality. Bloomberg is reporting that Apple is now ready with ample supply of the elusive white iPhone 4 and will start selling the most coveted phone starting next week. In case you don’t remember anymore, it’s been 10 months since we first saw the black iPhone 4.

The report also mentioned the white iPhone 4 will be available from both AT&T and Verizon Wireless by end of April. Citing “three people familiar with the plans,” Bloomberg says Apple has finally resolved manufacturing issues of the white iPhone 4, including problems with the white paint being too easy to peel off, especially when under heat.
Now, here’s another interesting point. The availability of the white iPhone 4 might also trigger the start of manufacturing the iPhone 5. Previous reports have said Apple will not announce the iPhone 5 during the June developers’ conference. And with the arrival of the white iPhone 4, Apple may release the iPhone 4 in September instead.
So, what say you folks? Does this piece of news give you some hope as to finally seeing the white iPhone 4?


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