A Macbook Pro Fund For a Disabled Guy

A message from bilal

Hi everyone, my name is bilal, or as a lot of people call me, bill, I’m 25. I was born with a disease called muscular dystrophy; the only part of my body that I’m able to move is my one big toe, which is how I type. For the most part I handle it really well, the biggest reason I can handle it so well is because of technology, mainly my mac, without technology I don’t think I would be able to handle everything the way I do. I graduated high school in 2005, everyone told me I would never graduate. I’ve lived in New York almost my entire life. In 2009, much to my chagrin my family moved to Oklahoma. I’m setting up this fund because I can’t physically work and I need a MacBook pro, the MacBook I have right now is very outdated, I’m afraid if this mac stops working, I essentially have nothing, I’m really hoping that I can at least get half of my goal, any donation, however big or small is extremely appreciated! =]

p.s. recently i’ve come under fire from people who think i’m lying, the above picture will indicate what i’m looking for, now let me just explain why i need a mac, besides the fact that I despise the windows pc, i would have to buy all the software, that I have on my mac again, which would be around $3k, now let me explain why i need the 8gb ram ssd and i7, 4gb of ram lags, i can’t multi task, i can’t have photoshop, xcode, microsoft word, itunes, ichat, colloquy (irc client), mail app, and everything else i have, my current macbook would lockup, the ssd is much more stable than a regular sata hdd, a regular sata would get worn pretty quickly, with the amount of time I spend on my mac, the i7 is essentially standard cpu for 15″ macbook pros, the protection plan would protect my mac if anything goes wrong, i would be able to send someone to the apple store with my mac, so apple can fix it, so I hope everyone has a better understanding as to why i’m asking for so much, the other reason is that this new macbook pro would last me 6-7 years, i’m on the mac 15 hours a day 7 days a week, i’m a power user, not just an average user, mac is my life, it let’s me be an independent human being, without a mac i have no purpose in this great big world, lastly i would just like to add that a computer isn’t a necessity for most people, but for my well being it’s as important as food, water and oxygen, anyone who doubts this fact; needs to ask a doctor in the psychology field how important your mental well being is to your health.

Support this fund. Donate now.

Check Link: http://tinyurl.com/4lux54k


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